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Hunger Games Casting: Bradley Cooper Should Play…

Bradley Cooper is co-starring with Jennifer Lawrence in two upcoming releases, and he’s so impressed with her badass skills, he’s beginning to think he wants in on some of that Hunger Games action.

During an interview with E! Online at last night’s Hollywood Film Awards (where Bradley nabbed a Best actor win), he joked about trying to wiggle his way into the franchise: “You know, I've put myself on tape for four of the roles. I haven't heard back yet."

Maybe he is joking, but we couldn’t help but have a little fun with this. What parts would Brad be perfect for? (If you haven’t read the entire Hunger Games trilogy yet, you might want to skip ahead... to a bookstore! Seriously, get on that already.)

1. Bradley Cooper as Finnick Odair?

At 37 years old, Bradley’s probably a little too old to play Finnick, who is supposed to be about 24 in the book. However, in the book he’s portrayed as charismatic, down to earth, and extremely attractive. Sounds like Bradley Cooper to a tee!

2. Bradley Cooper as Brutus?

Though Bradley’s a bit closer in age to this brute from District 2 who can’t wait to get back into the arena at the Quarter Quell, it’s a little hard to picture him being so cutthroat.

3. Bradley Cooper as Boggs?

Boggs is the right hand to power-hungry President Coin and appointed bodyguard to Katniss Everdeen. Despite his association with Coin, Boggs turns out to be one of Katniss’s biggest allies. If Bradley is at all serious about a role in the franchise, this is his best bet. It will require someone who can be charming and funny, but also play the role of action beefcake. And, since Boggs doesn’t show up until Mockingjay, he hasn’t yet been cast. Call your agent, Coop!

Source: E! Online

10.24.2012 / 12:51 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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