New Promo for Glee Season 4, Episode 5: Another In-Depth Analysis of “The Role You Were Born to Play”
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New Promo for Glee Season 4, Episode 5: Another In-Depth Analysis of “The Role You Were Born to Play”

We still have two more weeks until Glee comes back from hiatus with a brand new episode, and FOX is helping to fill the time by giving us a new promo that teases even more info about what you can expect.

We already analyzed the first promo for Glee Season 4, Episode 5: “The Role You Were Born to Play,” and now we’re ready to do it again. From the long-awaited return of familiar faces, to sexy and scandalous new dance numbers, and even a potential dream sequence: Here’s all the new details we’ve been able to uncover.

00:01 — “Never stop!”
Sue (Jane Lynch) sits in the teachers’ lounge, wearing one a bright pink track suit. She gasps and slams down her magazine. “Oh no.”

00:02 — “Believing”
Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) are sharing a scene! At least these two are still talking after their breakup. The same can’t be said for Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele). For the next couple episodes, they’ll barely be speaking at all.

But let’s get back to Brittana for a moment. Both girls are dressed up in their costumes for McKinley’s production of Grease, which Santana has come back from college to help out with. Brittany stares at her with sad eyes. “I miss you,” she says. Santana stares back into her eyes and smiles.

New Promo for Glee Season 4, Episode 5: Another In-Depth Analysis of “The Role You Were Born to Play”
Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

00:05 — “In the phenomenon”
Brody (Dean Geyer) smiles... at his former dance teacher, Cassandra (Kate Hudson)?? “I’m in,” he tells her. In for what, exactly? Whatever it is, she looks pleased. “Good decision.”

There has been plenty of speculation lately that Brody and Cassandra may have hooked up in the past, and Lea Michele has teased that fans should prepare for an “awesome” revelation about their history. That said, this could just be the scene where Cassie asks Brody to fill in for her class for a couple of sessions. We already know he’ll be taking over her teaching duties for a bit.

00:08 — “Thursday, November 8”
Yes. We remember. The next new episode of Glee is still a couple more weeks away. But look: There are Rachel and Kurt (Chris Colfer). Both back in the halls of McKinley high school! Oh, but Finn is still there, too. And Blaine (Darren Criss), obviously. Anyone else think this has the potential to get really awkward?

New Promo for Glee Season 4, Episode 5: Another In-Depth Analysis of “The Role You Were Born to Play”
Credit: Ryan Murphy on Twitter    

00:09 — “The Glee gang returns!”
Remember how McKinley is putting on a school production of Grease? Here’s a first look at who’s playing who. The split-second shot looks just like this photo that Glee creator Ryan Murphy tweeted earlier. Based on where the guys are all standing, we know that Ryder (Blake Jenner) scores the lead role of Danny. As for the rest of his T-bird gang: That would be Jake (Jacob Artist), Sam (Chord Overstreet), Joe (Samuel Larsen) and returning graduate Mike (Harry Shum Jr.).

00:10 — Mercedes is back, too!
“The cavalry has just arrived,” Artie (Kevin McHale) announces. He, Mike, Mercedes, and Finn high-five in the McKinley hallway.

00:13 —But what’s up with Brody and Cassandra over at NYADA?
As Grease’s iconic “You’re the One That I Want” plays in the background, a very shirtless Brody dances a sexy new routine with Cassandra. He spins her around. Her leg points up in the air seductively. Shield your eyes, Rachel. Shield your eyes!

00:14 — “Big bombshells!”
Will (Matthew Morrison) addresses the New Directions. “I’m leaving McKinley at the end of the week.” What? No! Who could ever take his place?

Oh, that’s right. We already knew that Will’s absence is only temporary. And that there’s a poor, lost young soul hanging around McKinley for a while who just so happens to know a thing or two about the glee club. Hey there kids. Say hello to Substitute Finn.

New Promo for Glee Season 4, Episode 5: Another In-Depth Analysis of “The Role You Were Born to Play”
Credit: Mike Yarish/Beth Dubber/Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

00:18 — “And the best musical EVER”
HOLD ON A SECOND. No, like DROP EVERYTHING. Is that Kurt and Blaine sporting matching leather jackets and singing in Grease together? Weren’t they headed for a breakup? Aren’t they not speaking? We thought they hated each other right now.

00:21 — Now everyone’s on the McKinley stage.
They’re still singing “You’re the One That I Want,” and Rachel is dressed up in tight black leather and re-enacting that famous end-of-movie Grease scene. But hold up. How on earth did a college freshman land the starring role in a high school musical? And hasn’t Ryan Murphy already tweeted a photo that shows Marley (Melissa Benoist) dressed up in the same Sandy costume? We thought Marley had the lead. Something is definitely off here.

And who is the guy playing the Danny to Rachel’s Sandy? We can’t get a good view of his face, but he certainly appears to be Finn. We know for sure that Finn and Rachel aren’t speaking. Why would they be smiling and dancing so happily in these scene?

Then there are (the also broken-up) Brittany and Santana, too, smiling and dancing like nothing has happened. If you ask us, this looks like it MUST be some sort of dream sequence. In the real world, everyone is suffering and totally broken up about the end of their relationships. A dream sequence of “You’re the One That I Want” would be the perfect way for all of them to fantasize about happier times.

00:23 — Did we mention Finn’s the one directing Grease?
We didn’t? Well, allow him to tell you for us. “I’m the director. It’s my decision.” Sue is not impressed. “William, maybe you should remind Chubby wan Kenobi of the daily nightmare that is born of being my enemy.”

Oh, Sue. You and your witty quips. And if Finn were even remotely overweight... that might actually be funny. New rule: No fair mocking people for how they used to look back in high school. That just so... high school of you.

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10.24.2012 / 10:09 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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