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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: 5 Reasons Why Garrett Will Die in the Halloween Episode

We’re still in shock after learning that one of the main characters will die in the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special (Season 3, Episode 13: “This Is a Dark Ride”, airing October 23). But with only 8 days left until we find out, it’s time to figure out who will be left for dead before Season 3 picks up in January.

In case you missed it, one of the following 13 characters will definitely die in the next episode.

1. Aria (Lucy Hale)
2. Hanna (Ashley Benson)
3. Spencer (Troian Bellisario)
4. Emily (Shay Mitchell)
5. Lucas (Brendan Robinson)
6. Ezra (Ian Harding)
7. Caleb (Tyler Blackburn)
8. Paige (Lindsey Shaw)
9. Noel (Brant Daugherty)
10. Garrett (Yani Gellman)
11. Toby (Keegan Allen)
12. Jason (Drew Van Acker)
13. Jenna (Tammin Sursok)

Let’s start with five reasons why we (and many PLL fans) think Garrett will be the victim.

Credit: ABC Family    

He’s missing. In this sneak peek from the episode, we see that the Liars are worried about where Garrett has gone. His phone has been disconnected, and he’s nowhere to be found. Spencer seems to have taken the lead when it comes to finding him, and they’re clearly still worried that he might have been involved with Ali’s death. Plus, we saw in an episode of Pretty Dirty Secrets that someone (we suspect “A”) was calling Garrett’s mother’s house and leaving breathy, non-verbal messages. If “A” is after him, then we fear for his life.

He’s part of the NAT club, who’ve seen the incriminating videos. One of the most popular theories about Maya’s (Bianca Lawson) killer had to do with the NAT club’s videos. Many of us thought that “A” killed Maya because she’d seen something she shouldn’t have. Well, Garrett definitely knows things he probably shouldn’t, including the fact that he’s seen the NAT club’s secret videos. If “A” wants to keep those videos under wraps, they might be killing off the non-”A” team members who know what’s on them.

He might have found out who “A” is. Garrett was a Rosewood cop, which means he knew many of the town’s dirty little secrets. For example, he knew about page 5 of Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) autopsy report, and he knew about “A”’s phone being stolen. Who knows what else he could have discovered? If Garrett found out who’s on the “A” team, then “A” might kill to keep him quiet.

Marlene King tweeted a clue. Back in August, a fan asked showrunner Marlene if we would see Garrett in the Halloween episode. She replied that Garrett is “back in action,” and plays “a very important part of the Halloween episode.” Since he’s missing and unreachable, what more important role could he play than a murder victim?

Garrett wants to reveal a big secret. In this sneak peek from the episode, Garrett is about to tell Spencer something major about the night Alison disappeared, and also about who stole Ali's body. Toby interrupts him, and gives him a threatening look. Add that to the fact that Marlene said the following about the person who dies: "This character dies because he has a huge secret and is about to reveal that secret to a Pretty Little Liar. That’s the reason why this character is killed."

Do you think Garrett will be the one to die? Tell us in the comments!

Don’t miss the next new episode of PLL, the Halloween special, on Tuesday, October 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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