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Should Daniel Grayson Trust Ashley Davenport on Revenge?

When we last left Daniel Grayson and his manipulative girlfriend, Ashley Davenport, on Revenge, they were entwined in the poolhouse bedsheets. But does Daniel really trust his ladder-climbing lady, or is he sleeping with the enemy on purpose?

We’ve been particularly proud of the pretty boy these days. He’s seen right through his family’s lies and done some major hacking into the Grayson Global computer system. But following him every step of the way was his fashion-forward girlfriend, who turns around and reports right back to Conrad.

We’re still not entirely convinced that Ash and Connie haven’t hooked up on the mahogany desks at GG, but so far we have no evidence. Danny seemed pretty satisfied when he listened in on a conversation between the pair in which Ashley claimed she’d no longer be Conrad’s watch dog.

But knowing Conrad, he orchestrated the whole thing to get Daniel off the scent. We’d like to think that there’s more to Ashley than the sexy schemer we’ve come to know, and recent spoilers indicate we’ll learn more about Ms. Davenport’s past soon.

What do you think Revengers? Should Daniel trust Ashley? Weigh in below!

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