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Would You Ever Dress Your Child In $2,500 Worth of Designer Clothes?

Look, there's nothing more adorable than a fashionable baby (especially when jaunty fedoras and ascots are involved), but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Case in point: Jennifer Lopez's adorable daughter, Emme.

Jenny From the Block recently dressed her baby gal in $2,500 worth of gear for a Chanel show, which included a pink dress, white cardigan, and frilly socks. Sounds like a pretty standard ensemble, right? Think again, ladies. Emme was also sporting a Chanel brooch worth $310, and a matching butterfly bag worth $2,100.

Sigh — to be four.

Most parents are willing to spend the big bucks on couture clothing for special occasions (in our case, “couture clothing” equals the "fancy" section of Target), but does spending $2,500 seem like overkill?

We know J.Lo has money to burn, but let's not forget that she's opening herself up to judgement by virtue of being a superstar. Emme's extravagant outfit has definitely caused mass eye-rolling — but as long as she isn't clashing her colors, who are we to judge?

How much money would you spend on your kid's outfit, ladies? Does $2,500 seem extreme?

Source: Styleite

If you have the $$ why not spend it?

That's absurd!

10.24.2012 / 04:23 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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