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Pretty Little Liars

10 Burning Questions From Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Halloween Episode

We knew this year’s Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode (Season 3, Episode 13: “This Is a Dark Ride”) would be awesome, but we had no idea just how awesome. Seriously there was a shocking revelation or twist just about every second! Of course, the downside is that now everyone really is a suspect, and we ended up with more questions than ever. Thanks a lot, PLL.

So here are the 10 biggest questions from Episode 13. And if you’re like us, you’re never going to ride a train ever again, just to be on the safe side.

1. The six most dreaded words ever: Is Ezra on the “A” team?
Ezra, Ezra, Ezra: What’s going on with you, man? We used to love this guy more than ice cream (okay, fine almost as much as ice cream, which is still a lot), but now, not so much. Like, we still don’t know for sure why he had all that cash in his sock drawer. And we suppose it’s possible that Ezra skipping the train party had nothing to do with him being on the “A” team, and maybe he just seemed suspicious because, say, he was meeting with his baby mama Maggie.

However, could Ezra really have caught up to the train in his car? If we learned anything from the movie Unstoppable and clearly we did it’s that trains are pretty hard to catch up to. So it seems that Ezra was already on the train — and given how extremely scared he was about Aria, it’s possible that he’s on the “A” team but didn’t realize how far the rest of the “A” team members were planning to take their plot against Aria.

So could Byron’s ridiculous amount of hate for Ezra stem from the fact that they’re both involved with the “A” team or that maybe Ezra tried to back out at a certain point? Okay, so it’s a bit crazy to think that both Byron and Ezra would be on the “A” team, but this show might just be that crazy.

Credit: Eric McCandless / ABC Family    

2. Did Byron kill Ali?
We know that Ali was with Aria when she discovered her dad was having an affair with Meredith. Now, given what Garrett tells Spencer, it seems that Ali was somehow blackmailing Byron, given that she tells Byron he has to “pay for your mistakes.” This obviously makes Byron a suspect for Ali’s death. Shudder.

But would Byron really have killed Ali? We know that depression runs in his family given that Byron’s brother and his son Mike have dealt with it so it’s possible that Byron may have snapped and then taken his family to Iceland. (“Thanks for making us seem like the place where you can bring your family after you commit murder,” we can imagine Iceland’s tourism board writing to PLL today in an angry letter.)

Or maybe Byron is involved with the “A” team somehow? It’s certainly no coincidence that the problems with “A” didn’t really begin until after the Montgomerys got back from their little European sojourn. And what exactly was Byron’s relationship with Ali? We really hope they weren’t hooking up, but it’s Byron we’re talking about, so all bets are off the table.

3. Who was pushing that crate — and who got “screwed”?
We heard a male and female voice trying to push Aria and Garrett’s crate out of the train so who were they? It seems that Toby could have pushing it, but Noel or Lucas might have been also. And Mona or Jenna seem likely to have been the other person or maybe CeCe was there? And you would think that the Rosewood police force would analyze the blood that’s on the screwdriver, but we all know they probably won’t.

Also, if Ali is alive, could she have been the one pushing the crate? We’ve been wondering why “A” would kill Aria, but it would make sense that Ali might want to punish Byron by killing Aria — if in fact Byron had something to do with killing (or trying to kill) Ali. Suddenly, Byron makes Mr. Hastings and Mr. Marin look like saints, which isn’t easy to do.

4. Who is the joker who drugged Aria and tried to kill Spencer?
This is one joker who is not a fan of funny business. The joker leaves behind a fingernail after attacking Spence, which the girls suggest might belong to a guy but does it? It seems that a guy might not get beaten up by Paige. Then again, Paige is pretty athletic, and if she can scare Ali, she can scare anybody. We’re also thinking that the joker probably wouldn’t have been Toby: We know that Toby is kinda evil, but killing Spencer would be pretty freakin’ evil.

Credit: Eric McCandless / ABC Family    

And if nothing else, this appears to damage all those “Aria is ‘A’” theories, dontcha think?

5. Now that Garrett is dead, are Melissa and Jason next?
With Ian and Garrett both having been killed, it’s looking like bad news for the N.A.T. Club even though Garrett didn’t appear to actually know who killed Ali. So will Jason and Melissa die next, or might one of them have been responsible for killing Garrett?

We’ve never really known what was up with Melissa and Garrett, given that they were hooking up not too long ago, so we’re wondering if Melissa had an ulterior motive for getting with Garrett. Maybe Melissa killed Ali, and then she needed to get rid of Ian and Garrett? Given that Mrs. Hastings was the one who freed Garrett, we’re wondering if she may have been involved in the plot to kill him. As if we needed one more reason to think that the Hastings family is messed up.

6. Did Toby intentionally push Noel into Ali’s body?
It seems like a pretty big coincidence for Toby to just have happened to push Noel into the icy drink cooler, leading to Ali’s body bag being exposed in front of everyone. So we’re thinking Toby must have meant to use Noel to expose Ali’s body and maybe Noel was in on it, too. Then again, who would ever pass up an opportunity to give Noel a solid push?

We’re also kind of shocked that Wilden didn’t show up at that very instant to slap cuffs on our Liars immediately and blame them for hiding Ali’s body in the ice. Wilden always seem to have a sixth sense for knowing the exact moment to pop in and blame the girls for something.

7. Is that Ali’s hand coming out of the ground or is it her twin’s hand?
PLL has had no shortage of jaw-dropping scenes of the years, but that flashback to a hand emerging from Ali’s backyard might be the jaw-droppingest. (That’s a word, right?) This scene may tell us that Ali didn’t die after all or else is this the hand of Ali’s twin whom Ali has killed? Then again, maybe this just means that Ali is now a zombie and quite a fashionable zombie at that.

Credit: Eric McCandless / ABC Family    

8. Why did Jason follow after Lucas and are the two of them in cahoots?
We hadn’t really known of much of a connection between Jason and Lucas, so it’s strange that Jason follows after him on the train. And the fact that Jenna spots Lucas’ camera lying around makes us think that Lucas was definitely doing something that required his hands to be free.

Of course, we do know that neither was crazy about Alison, so maybe that brought them closer together. Plus, Lucas seemed awfully familiar with the Hastings lake house last season, so maybe Jason was providing him with access to it. Or could Lucas have been the person who Jason gave the check to last season?

9. Why did Alison want Garrett to tell Jenna that she was dead?
It seems strange that Garrett would go along with Ali and let Jenna assume that he killed her. We’re also suspicious about why Ali would want Jenna to think she’s dead. Could it be that Ali was planning on killing her twin that night, and so she wanted Jenna to start spreading the rumor that it was Ali who died? Hmm.

Also, if Garrett and Jenna didn’t actually kill Alison, then why did Garrett steal page five of the autopsy report? You would think Garrett would have eventually just told Jenna, “By the way, I didn’t actually kill Alison, but it was a hilarious prank, right? You’re so gullible!”

10. Did Ms. Marin meet the ghost of Ali’s twin sister?
Last year’s Halloween episode provided the first solid evidence that Ali had a twin between those identical photos of Ali on her bedroom wall, and that story that Ali tells about one twin stabbing the other after they fight over dolls.

So this year’s episode seems to up the ante with Hanna’s mom chit-chatting with that strange girl (played by the same girl from last year's Halloween episode!), probably the ghost of Ali’s twin whom Ali murdered. But just how old was Ali’s twin when she was murdered? Either way, may this be a lesson: If Ali ever wants one of your dolls, let her take it.

Bonus question: Would Adam Lambert really agree to play at a party for some teenagers in a small town in Pennsylvania?
Of course he would the man loves to entertain, no matter who the audience is. So get off his back! And how dare you say anything bad about Adam Lambert, our favorite American Idol runner-up ever. (No offense, Justin Guarini.)

Catch the return of PLL Season 3 on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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