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Jersey Shore

Are The Situation and Girlfriend Paula Having Relationship Problems Already? – Exclusive

In his newfound sobriety, it seemed like Jersey Shore’s The Situation had mellowed out. Not only was he done with unhealthy partying, he appeared to have traded the endless stream of one-night stands for (gasp!) a mature relationship with girlfriend Paula Pickard.

But is there trouble in paradise already? Judging from what he told us at the New York Television Festival’s “Love, Loss and Gym, Tan, Laundry: A Farewell To Jersey Shore” event on Oct. 24, there might be a few issues.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How are you and Paula doing?

The Situation: We’re doing pretty good, but at the same time I can’t give out too much information because a lot happens on the show this season between us that affects the status of our relationship.

In what ways?

I make a good boyfriend, but at the same time I’m very…I’m The Situation.

Safe to say, you get tempted by other women this season?

I’m definitely tempted. Definitely. And at the same time, it’s hard to keep my attention.

Speaking of temptation, was it tough to film with so much alcohol around? How did you get through it?

You know, it wasn’t easy. But at the same time, I’m young and I’m not going to remove myself from a scenario just because there’s, say, a pitcher of sangria on the table. And my roommates really helped me out, especially the guys. Every time they were drinking, one of them would make sure to be like, “Hey, does Mike have a Red Bull? Does Mike have a water?” It meant a lot.

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