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Emily Thorne’s 3 Biggest Revenge Fails From Season 2, Episode 4: “Intuition”

Look, we get it: Emily is freakishly good at Revenging, and it's all thanks to those adorable fluffy puppies in Japan. But this week, Emily's vigilante plot fell short, and she made a few sleuthy errors that even a revenging noob would have noticed. Frankly, the Ghost of Sammy is appalled, as are his canine sista-friends.

1. She Didn't Visit Her Mom's Hotel

Was anyone else confused by Emily's decision not to stake out Kara's hotel? She knew perfectly well that Aiden had found Kara, yet instead of zipping over for some real talk, she decided to harass Victoria. Logic fail, Emily! If this blondielocks had gone to Kara's digs, she could have planted cameras, recording equipment, and even introduced herself under her fake identity. Sigh, what a lost opportunity.

2. She Let Aiden Go Rogue

Aiden is completely out of control, and he refuses to listen to any of Em's sage words of revengey wisdom. Despite the fact that Em knows her other half is a wild card, she let him wander around the Hamptons, which is definitely impacting her revegenda. Why isn't Emily keeping better tabs on lover-boy? Get your head in the game, girl!

3. She Left Amanda Unconscious Next to Her Deranged Mother

So let's get this straight. Emily hit up the hospital, peeped on Kara stroking Amanda's head Fatal Attraction style, had a flashback to Kara trying to kill her, and then left Mandy in this lady's murder-happy hands? Way to be the worst friend ever, Em. The girls of Cell Block C are not pleased.

Did you come across any Revenge Fails during this week's jaw-dropping episode? Add to this list in the comments!

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10.25.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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