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Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Brittana, Klaine and Finchel Are All Reuniting — But There’s a Catch!

It turns out that all of Glee’s broken-up couples will be reuniting after all! Praise be to Ryan Murphy! But hold on just a sec it might not be as blissful as you think.

Every single day seems to bring yet another depressing story about how someone from a broken-up couple is finding someone new, or how one of the couples won’t speak to each other for what feels like the next 30 years. That’s why today’s news provides a welcome glimmer of hope even if it is just a glimmer.

TV Line is revealing that “there’s an episode coming up during November sweeps where all of the couples that broke up in ‘The Break-Up’ reunite.” Say what?! Does this mean we can pretend the heartbreaking events in “The Break-Up”never really happened?

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Well, not so fast. TV Line continues by saying that there will be a “twist.” And we’re thinking that it won’t be a good twist.

Given what we’ve seen from the recent promo for Episode 5: “The Role You Were Born to Play,” our best guess is that the couples will only be reuniting for the performance of “The One That I Want,” and we’re pretty sure that it’s all just a dream sequence. That’s right: Only a dream sequence. We told you not to get your hopes up.

Still, this sounds like it could be pretty cute! Plus, since the couples probably won’t actually be getting back together anytime soon, seeing them all in the dream sequence will at least bring back our memories of happier times for them all. At this point, we’ll take what we can get.

Source: TV Line

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