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Glee’s Ryan Murphy Reveals His Plans to Become a Dad — and Which Two Characters Are “Very Clearly” Based of Him

Glee creator Ryan Murphy launched a new sitcom on NBC this year called The New Normal. And if you’re familiar with Ryan Murphy at all, you may have noticed that the show’s main character, Bryan (Andrew Rannells), is basically a fictionalized version of Ryan himself.

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Bryan is a the producer of a popular high school TV show called Sing, which stars and actress named Clea. Ryan is the producer of a popular high school TV show called Glee, which stars and actress named Lea. Both Bryan and Ryan are in a committed relationship with a man named David, and they both hope to become parents in the near future. Also, the fictional Bryan has been known to wear a yellow hat that looks just like this.

But The New Normal’s Bryan isn’t the first character that Ryan has based off of himself. In an new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Glee creator reveals which other characters he sees in himself.

“Jessica Lange this year on American Horror Story is very much in my childhood obsession with Catholicism and trying to be without sin and failing and my journey through that,” Ryan tells THR.

Then there’s Bryan, of course. “The New Normal is sort of based on my life, so [actor] Andrew Rannells is clearly me, and we have him say things that I say. But I feel like people love Andrew much more than they love me, so he's helping my rep there.”

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As for Glee, Ryan says that Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) are both “very clearly based on me.”

Ryan calls the opportunity to “figure myself out” through writing a “cathartic” experience. “I like to sort of give myself sometimes happy endings that I wish I had had. Like with Kurt's dad on Glee. My father died last year, and I had always wanted that relationship. Now I look at my father, and I feel like I've got to forgive him for some stuff.”

In fact, the concept of fatherhood has been on Ryan’s mind a lot lately. He married photographer David Miller earlier this summer, and tells THR that the couple hopes to have a child of their own by “sometime next year.”

“People always say when you have a child it brings you back to when you were a kid, and I'm excited to do that,” he says. “I had a very rocky, difficult, emotional childhood with my parents. And then I'm excited to have somebody or something come in and say: "Really? I don't care what you think. I'm going to do what I want.”

No delusions of perfectly well-behaved 2-year-olds here. Ryan knows that raising a kid will be hard work, and he’s looking forward to the drama. Kind of a refreshing approach, no?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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