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Jersey Shore

Is Vinny Jealous of Jionni on Jersey Shore? (VIDEO)

Bros before … well, you know.

That’s the usual mantra within the men of the Jersey Shore, but in this MTV bonus clip from Season 6, Episode 5: “Old Profession,” Vinny was more than a little peeved at his boys Ronnie and Pauly D for playing extra nice with Snooki’s then-boyfriend Jionni LaValle.

Vinny and Jionni were on the outs at the time because of his sexually tense rendezvous with Snookers on Season 5, Episode 8: “Sharp Objects,” but Ronnie and Pauly D rose to the occasion to greet Jionni with handshakes and hugs anyway when he arrived to Snooki’s house at Seaside Heights.

The fact that Jionni didn’t even glance Vinny’s way didn’t go unnoticed, but at least everyone enjoyed a little laugh about the incident afterward, Vinny included!

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Source: MTV

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