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New Glee Season 4 Character Anna-Marie Will Be a “B*tch-tastic” Enemy to [Spoiler]

As if Rachel (Lea Michele) didn’t hate her NYADA dance class enough already on Glee, she’s about to have even more reason to want to play hooky from that class.

We’ve already met Rachel’s not-exactly-nurturing dance instructor Cassandra July (Kate Hudson), who is apparently a big proponent of the “tough love” method of teaching. Now we’re learning of another talented dancer who will make life difficult for Rachel.

Glee is currently casting for “the bitch-tastic role of Anna-Marie, an attractive battle dancer who can sing and dance extremely well,” according to E! Online. And while we’re stressed out just thinking of Rachel having another NYADA foe, we have to admit that seeing a few dance battles on Glee would be kinda awesome. (Glee is about to step up!)

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It will be interesting to see how the Rachel vs. Anna-Marie tension plays out, as we can’t help but wonder if Anna-Marie might take an interest in Brody (Dean Geyer). Then again, we’re not sure why she wouldn’t be interested in Brody. She is a human, right?

And while we’re all for conflict now and then, we’re wondering why Rachel can’t also have a NYADA bestie like she had at times with Quinn (Dianna Agron) at McKinley? Get on it, Glee!

Source: E! Online

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10.25.2012 / 12:37 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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