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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Brandi Glanville Dishes About Her Love-Hate Relationship With Kyle Richards — Exclusive

The feisty Brandi Glanville gave as good as she got throughout Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The recently upgraded “full-time Housewife” was not shy to admit she is the “biggest crazy person of all” when she chatted with Wetpaint Entertainment at the RHoBH Season 3 premiere party on Sunday. She also dished on her new book, her “friend with benefits,” and her tumultuous relationships with Kyle Richards and Dana Wilkey.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What can you tell us about your book, Don’t Drink and Tweet & Brandi’s Other Break-Up Blunders?
Brandi Glanville: The book is 12 chapters of cray cray; it really is. It’s obnoxious and hopefully funny and true. The fact that I turned in this manuscript and I told some of the things that I told, I’m like, ‘I cannot believe I just said that I did that.’ But I really want to empower people to know that we all go crazy with a breakup. When you get your heart broken, we all do things that are crazy. And I’m the biggest crazy person of all.

You mentioned a boyfriend on Twitter; anything you care to share?
Ugh! No, he’s a friend with benefits. He’s not a boyfriend! Physically we get along really well, but if we talk or text, we’re in fights. He doesn’t think I’m funny; that’s a big problem.

What can you tell us about your clothing line, Brand B?
Brand B is about getting moms out of their gym clothes. They’re long Maxi dresses, like a T-shirt, very soft, very comfortable. They are very flattering to the body. They make you look skinnier, with good boobs, a skinnier waist, and they cover the gut. All of my mom friends are in their gym clothes all day. I’m like, ‘Girls! Throw a dress on!’ Same material, and you just feel better about yourself.

You posted a few photos on Twitter of you and Kyle, does that mean the two of you have mended fences?
I like her, and then I hate her, and then I like her, and then I hate her. She’s just got multiple personality disorder, so she’s really cool and then you turn your back and she’s like [fake stabs the person next to her in the back]. I think I like her tonight. We’re good.

It seems like you and Dana Wilkey have stopped feuding on Twitter, did you call a truce?
Who is Dana Wilkey? Honestly, she does not exist to me, she was feuding with herself to get attention and I walked away because she’s silly.

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