Snooki Can’t Wait Til the First Time She…
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Jersey Shore

Snooki Can’t Wait Til the First Time She…

Snooki has always had fun with her sense of style, admitting that she’s gaudy and tacky and loving it. But there’s still one fashion faux-pas that she’s dying to make, whether we’re ready to see it or not.

In the current issue of In Touch Weekly, Snooki is asked when her “most embarrassing red carpet moment” was, but she’s at a loss. “Nothing yet,” she answers. Don’t worry — she already has one in mind.

“I’m waiting for my nipple to slip out,” she says. “I want a nip slip! I think they’re funny. I ask my publicist all the time if I can plan one.”

Ironically, after five and a half seasons of Jersey Shore, we feel like we’ve seen Snooki’s nipples many times already. But there must be something awkwardly fun about a nip slip on a red carpet. Just think of Tara Reid’s famous decolletage!

Would you welcome a nip slip from Snooks, or would you consider it a day like any other?

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Source: In Touch Weekly

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