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What’s on Kate Beckett’s Desk? Check Out This Close-Up on the Castle Character’s Workspace! (PHOTO)

Richard Castle isn’t the only one who wanted to get the 411 scoop on Kate Beckett’s desk. Those creative geniuses from Castle's Art Department tweeted this photo for us to all take an up-close and personal look at Kate’s workspace.

While Beckett's bedroom might be filled with cozy keepsakes, possibly collected from her travels, she only has a few precious mementos adorning her desk. Take a gander at what appears to be an adorable orange and gold box, underneath a small brown purse. Hmm, wonder what’s kept inside?

Aside from the minor mound of case files, we catch a glimpse of what Kate could consider to be light reading. We hope not, because that book looks more like a college textbook than something from the Twilight series.

Lastly, Castle fans know the one thing Beckett’s desk will never be without: elephants. Symbolizing good luck and protection, these little guys sure have been working overtime to keep Kate alive.

Sadly, we haven’t been granted a sneak peek inside the desk drawers, but with Castle around, it’s only a matter of time before he goes searching for a writing utensil again and stumbles across more of Beckett’s well-kept secrets.

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10.25.2012 / 11:04 PM EDT by Alana McMillan
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