Which Jersey Shore Star Would You Want to Be For Halloween?
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Jersey Shore

Which Jersey Shore Star Would You Want to Be For Halloween?

We wish we could just be all of the Jersey Shore stars for Halloween, but that's only in a perfect, guido-filled world. Since we can only really pick one (unless you want to do timed costume changes throughout the night) let's go through our favorite Seaside roomies and take a vote.

Snooki: Wear a ton of animal print, lots of jewelry, a big hair pouf, crazy heels, and of course, carry around a little baby doll to be Lorenzo. If you want to get really specific, throw a jar of pickles in your purse and snack on them throughout the night.

Deena Nicole: Now that Deena has gone through a physical transformation, you'll have to wear a skin-tight dress and rock straight dark hair to pull off her look. Throw an "I Love Chris" tattoo on your arm and carry around a Toy Yorkie puppy, and you'll be the perfect meatball!

Sammi: Sammi is all about her workout clothing line these days, so go ahead and get yourself a pair of her Sammi's stretch pants and you're all set!

JWOWW: To be JWOWW you'll need a huge engagement ring on your finger. As for what else should be huge? Your boobs, of course! Go ahead, stuff, stuff, stuff.

Ronnie: Ridiculous muscles and a ton of RonRon juice. Need we say more?

Pauly D: To get Pauly's look you'll need to invest in multiple bottles of hair gel, cover yourself in tattoos, and wear a t-shirt that says "Fresh," "GTL," or has a big star on it. Throw a chain around your neck and you'll be ready for some guido trick-or-treating.

The Situation: The Situation may not flaunt his six-pack abs as much as he used to, but nonetheless, you'll need to show off that belly and point to your muscles all night.

Vinny: Vinny is more of a hipster these days than a guido, so get a pair of black-framed glasses, throw on some skinny jeans, and carry around Vinny's book. Done and done!

Click on the photo above to get a good look at all of the Jersey Shore stars and then decide who you would most want to be for this coming Halloween. Let us know in the poll below!

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