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Grey's Anatomy

Will Callie Leave Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy? Sara Ramirez Weighs In

If we’ve learned anything from Grey's Anatomy Season 9, it’s that life is short ... and nothing can put a strain on a marriage like one spouse making the call to amputate the other spouse’s leg.

But what worries us even more than Callie’s (Sara Ramirez) decision to cut off Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) leg is some of the harsh words that Arizona has now said to her wife. Will the couple be able to bounce back from all of this?

Huffington Post recently caught up with Sara to talk about Calzona’s marriage, and what she sees for their future.

“I see a lot of band-aids, but I don't know if these two are really going to talk about what really needs to be talked about. A lot has happened — they've been through a lot. Arizona was there for Callie when Callie was in a coma, so I don't know that Callie's going anywhere anytime soon. I think she feels like she's gonna stick with this and be there for her wife,” Sara said.

Well, that’s a bit of good news. At least Callie is going to put up a fight for the woman she loves. We always love that.

But Sara also commented on Arizona’s attitude and the impact it has on the relationship:

“Arizona's very much about figuring this out by herself. And when someone wants to get through something like this on their own, without their partner's help, there's not a lot of space for their partner to play a part in that. So Callie is busying herself with Sophia and busying herself helping other people at the hospital because they're actually needing her, and are open to needing her help. Her situation at home ... it's not something that she knows a lot about. She doesn't know how to support and nurture an amputee, especially one that doesn't want her help.”

So the first bit of bad news is kind of obvious: Neither of them have ever done this before. This is new territory, which means that there are going to be lots of mistakes.

“What I'm seeing is a partner who doesn't want help from anybody other than someone who specializes in that kind of help,” Sara said.

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Oh how we wish Arizona would let go of her grudge and stop being so stubborn!

However, Sara stresses that the couple’s biggest issue is communication: “I think these two ladies are both sort of skirting around the issues, so much so that I don't know that the truth ever gets spoken. And if that doesn't happen, then anything you see moving forward doesn't seem like it's genuinely dealing with the problem. It's all just covering up the problem, trying desperately to move on, trying to pretend like everything's OK or going to get better.”

Alright. So it’s just about time for the wives to sit down and have a serious heart-to-heart. However, first things first: Arizona has to make sure she’s not going to say anything (else) mean. Because honestly, her words have been pretty harsh so far.

Sara’s take: “That's where, if you're willing to be that harsh, you have to be willing to accept the repercussions. But when you're angry and in pain, you often times say a lot of things that you don't mean. We're just not sure what Arizona meant and what she didn't mean. If there was any truth to the things that she's been saying to Callie and all the anger that's coming through, then maybe there's some things that they need to talk about that have nothing to do with the plane crash and that have nothing to do with Callie's coma ... that, in fact, have to do more with some things they should've talked about before they even got married. Then they would've been really sure that they were right for each other.”

Woah. Slow down, Sara. You’re freaking us out.

We’re willing to bet (or we really hope) that Arizona’s words don’t mean that much. Calzona is perfect together, right? Arizona’s words have to be based on her anger from the crash … right?!

Do you think we could be dealing with a bigger issue here? All in all, do you agree with what Sara said?

Hey, we’re ready for the Calzona heart-to-heart whenever you are. Actually, let us get some tissues first.

Catch the next new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, October 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: Huffington Post

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