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The X Factor

WTF Moments From X Factor 2012 Judges’ Cuts: Britney’s Dyed Hair — and the LYLAS Prayer Circle

Obviously the biggest WTF moment during The X Factor Season 2 judges' cuts was Fox's brief flirtation with something called "baseball." Is this some kind of sport? All we understand is music. Luckily, Fox was able to air the entire episode of X Factor between two weeks, and we've rounded up the 7 biggest WTF moments!

1. Britney Dip Dyes Her Hair In Celebration of Giving Bad News
Britney's hair. You guys, her hair. We've been worried about this cluster of polyester and dead cells since the dark period known as 2008, but now we're in crisis. It appears that Britney wanted to mix it up in celebration of this week's eliminations, so she chose to dip dye her hair green. One can only assume that she's trying to bond with the children by mimicking their fashion, but who knows with this lady.

2. Britney and Demi Take Strange and Unusual Pleasure in Pretending Their Contestants Are Being Eliminated
Did anyone else notice that Britney and Demi prefaced all their acceptance speeches with doomsday platitudes and sad faces? We've outlined their strategy thusly: 1) Sit small child down. 2) Tell them what a huge failure they are. 3) Be all, JUST KIDDING, hugs for everyone!

3. Cameramen Film JT Sobbing Alone in an Armchair
Well, it's not looking good. And by "it" we mean JT's face. This poor lost soul thought he could rap his way to Britney's heart, but instead he ended up weeping alone in a giant arm chair while one long cameraman awkwardly filmed his suffering. Thank goodness the little dude's dad was there to wipe away his tears with that enormous ZZ Top beard. No really, did anyone else see that thing? Fear.

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4. Beatrice Miller's Shirt Looks Like She Knit It While Wearing a Blindfold
We have no idea who dresses the lost children on X Factor, but one can only assume Beatrice Miller's knitted shirt was made by a senile and possibly blind old lady. Or Britney made it during one of her arts and crafts nights. Either way, Beatrice needs some Rachel Zoe in her life.

5. L.A's Pool Is Just Asking People to Throw Themselves Into It
L.A. chose to reject his finalists next to a giant vessel of stagnant water, presumably to give them the option to hurl themselves in during a fit of despair. We love that he's looking out for everyone.

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6. L.A. Has a Binder Full Of Brosefs
You guys, L.A.'s team is made up of tattood bros in small fedoras. Where are the ladies, hmmm, L.A.? And you call yourself a feminist. At this point, the only way L.A. can get back in our good books is if he performs a reading from the Vagina Monologues during X Factor's Live shows. Otherwise, we're going to burn our bras.

7. Emblem3 Sit on a Dock While Staring Longingly at the Ocean
Much like mermaids, Emblem3 are super into water. Like, they spend lengthy amounts of time staring at it, fondling it, sitting in it, lying in it, and talking about it. Which brings us to the fact that the three brosketeers spent most of this episode gazing longingly into the ocean, and — yes — stripping off their clothing and flopping around in Simon's pool.

8. LYLAS Collapse Onto Ground in Happiness, Form Spontaneous Prayer Circle
Who knows if its their inspirational name, or the fact that they are spiritually linked with their sister-minds, but LYLAS are so in touch with each other's feelings. Which explains why they simultaneously collapsed on the ground in joy, formed a prayer circle and began a ritualistic bout of shrieking when Simon gave them good news. It's like The Ya Ya Sisterhood meets The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants meets Sister Wives meets Sister-Sister starring Tia and Tamera Mowry.

10.25.2012 / 01:01 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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