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True Blood

Carrie Preston Talks True Blood and Wanting Scenes With Alexander Skarsgard — Exclusive

There are still at least six grueling months ahead until True Blood returns, but we couldn’t resist coaxing some scoop out of star Carrie Preston.

The talented actress is keeping busy during the hiatus, including releasing the film she directed (That’s What She Said) and guest-starring on two hit CBS shows. But at the end of the day, she’s a Truebie who is thinking about Bon Temps just as much as we are. (Well, maybe.)

Wetpaint Entertainment sat down with Carrie to chat about her True Blood character Arlene’s future and whether she has supe dreams, her triumphant return to The Good Wife, working with her husband, and of course, Anna and Stephen’s new twin babies! You can check out Part 1 of our chat about her new film here, and then read on to see what she had to dish about our favorite show.

Wetpaint Entertainment: I know you don’t know anything about True Blood Season 6, but with Alan Ball only slightly in the picture …

Carrie Preston: He’s not going to be there day to day. It’s going to be Mark Hudis, who I adore. He’s a big fan of Arlene and Terry, so I’m hoping that we’ll have something interesting to do.

Last season, Arlene went through a lot. She has three kids, so she probably won’t relax anytime soon, but what’s next for her?

Yeah, she has kids, she’s got the whole fourth husband thing. I would really love to see her interact with the vampires. I don’t want a show about the bar — I’d like to be on a show about vampires! So I would really like to see just a little more interaction with that. I mean, I’ve never even done a scene with Alexander Skarsgard or Kristin Bauer! They’re huge, these two huge vampires. I had scenes with Stephen [Moyer], who plays Bill, but that was in Season 1!

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Would you ever like to see Arlene turned like Tara was this season?

No, I think it’s important for Arlene and Terry to remain in the human world, otherwise the supes have no contextualization. If they aren’t in context with the real world, then where are they? They could be on Mars!

There were a lot of changes this season, including Stephen directing! What was it like working with him? Was he a very hands-on director?

He did an amazing job! It was incredible. He was wonderful! He gave us great, great acting notes. A lot of times directors sort of let us do our thing because we’ve been doing the show for five years, but he gave us really exciting things to work on, and it was wonderful to see him behind the camera.

You have some time off until you go back in January. Have you kept in touch with the cast? I know you are all really close.

Yeah, I keep in touch with people! You know, we check in on each other every once in awhile, you know, “What are you doing? How have you been?” We see each other. I was just at Dragon Con with Sam Trammell and Nelsan Ellis, and then I got to spend time with Joe Manganiello, who I’ve never spent any time with. And I loved him! We had a ball!

But he’s two feet taller than you!

Oh yeah, he’s adorable. So sweet and funny.

And Anna and Stephen just had twins. Have you met them?

Yes, it’s wonderful! But no, I haven’t even been in L.A.! I’ve been here in New York.

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And since you’re in New York, will you be back on Person of Interest with your husband, Michael Emerson?

Yeah, I’m shooting it right now, actually! I was just shooting it until 3 in the morning last night, and it’s the same character I played in the first season.

It feels like so long ago!

They’re on their second season, but yeah, they film 23 episodes. Network shoots like 23 episodes, so that’s why it feels so long ago. True Blood does 12!

But in your defense, it is a really grueling 60 minutes on True Blood.

Yes, yes, it is. It is a full hour of content. But yes, I play his love interest. I play his ex-fiancée who thinks that he’s dead, so now we’re going to kind of see a little bit about how their relationship got started.

It must be nice to have these breaks where you can juggle so many projects. What about The Good Wife? Have you wrapped your arc there yet?

No, I haven’t even filmed it yet! I’m doing three episodes next month; I’m going to shoot them next month, so they probably won’t air until mid-season.

I know your character was sort of quirky and a little scatterbrained, but very lovable. Is there anything you want to see her do when she comes back? Is she going to be helping or be an adversary?

It would be cool to see her not be the one solving the case. It would be cool to see what would happen if Elsbeth needed lawyers! [Laughs] To see the table turned somehow; someone suing Elsbeth for something. If she needed lawyers, something like that. But I don’t know what they’re going to do!

The Good Wife airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS and Person of Interest airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. Set your DVRs, Truebies!

Alyse Whitney is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @AlyseWhitney.