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Castle Sneak Peek of Season 5, Episode 5, “Probable Cause”: Fingerprints Link [SPOILER] to the Crime Scene!

Next week's Castle starts the way most episodes do — two cups of coffee and a gruesome murder, topped off with a healthy dose of Caskett banter. But that's where the predictability ends.

In a shocking twist, the CSU report links Richard Castle to the crime scene! According to Detective Esposito, the mystery writer's prints were found on the victim's outside door handle.

There's gotta be an explanation, right?

Like Kate Beckett, we initially assumed that Castle had accidently touched the handle on his way in before putting his gloves on, but we were mistaken. According to Espo, the prints were collected before either of them arrived at the scene.

Dun dun dunnn!

You can feel Beckett's heart literally skip a beat as Esposito delivers the shocking news. Could her boyfriend really be capable of carrying out the same kind of brutal, ritualistic murders he writes about in his books? Could Rick Castle be — we shudder to think! — a serial killer?!

Watch the sneak peek here on TVLine, and tell us your theories below!

Castle Season 5, Episode 5: "Probable Cause" airs on Oct. 29 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: TVLine

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