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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole’s Arrest Timeline: What Really Happened to the Jersey Shore Star?

Poor Deena Nicole was arrested earlier this summer and now she has to relive her drunken antics all over again on Jersey Shore Season 6. Want to know what really happened during the arrest? Find out below.

Sunday, June 10, Mid-Afternoon: Deena gets drunk. A seaside witness told us that Deena was spotted leaving the Shore House in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, and "it definitely looked like she had already been drinking." Deena then went to a boardwalk bar, where she was seen drinking and crying about losing her "meatball," aka Snooki. She was apparently asking random strangers if they would be her meatball for the day.

Sunday, June 10, Mid-Afternoon: Deena allegedly gets disorderly. Deena then left the bar, which is when she got into trouble. There are photos of Deena on the boardwalk before her arrest; in one, she's standing on a bar, in another it looks like she may have fallen over. There is also video of her yelling at a heckler that afternoon. She was also seen hitting cars, which according to our source, is "when the arrest took place."

Sunday, June 10, Mid-Afternoon: Deena gets arrested. Deena was arrested for disorderly conduct in front of the Shore House.

Sunday, June 10: Deena gets bailed out. According to our witness, the entire cast went to the police station to get Deena, but they were not allowed to take her home (here's a pic of the cast leaving). Later, Deena's parents came and bailed her out. She was escorted to the Shore House by her parents and a cop. It's not clear exactly how long Deena was in jail, but it was still light out when her parents took her home.

Monday, June 11: Deena heads back to work. Deena was spotted back to work at the Shore Store on Monday, June 11.

July 3: Deena heads to court, but avoid jail time. Deena appeared in court on July 3 to face her charges. Her disorderly conduct charge was dropped and instead she was slapped with a minor pedestrian violation of not walking on the sidewalk. She was forced to pay a $106 fine and avoided any jail time.

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