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Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Will Grant Gustin’s Sebastian Return for Sectionals? — (UPDATE)

When the New Directions face off against the Warblers for Sectionals this year, we will soon get the chance to meet a scheming new Warbler named Hunter (Nolan Gerard Funk), and this blazer-clad newbie will make it his personal mission to convince Blaine (Darren Criss) to transfer back to Dalton.

With all this talk about a new Warbler, though, we can’t help but wonder — what about Sebastian (Grant Gustin)? You know, the other dashing Warbler who is full of schemes and won’t take his sights off Blaine?

Last we’d heard, Grant had expressed interest in returning to Glee, but the show had no plans to ask him back at the time. So now that the Warblers are back on set filming their Sectionals episode, is Grant among them?

Well, grab your eau de Craigslist body mist and polish off those cufflinks, because Sebastian is back!

Early in the day on October 23, Grant tweeted, “Carpooling for a long day today. Got my golden boogie shoes on.” Late that night, he posted again, “I can't walk. I can barely sit. I don't even remember my name. @ZachWoodlee &@brookelipton I love/hate you both.

Zach and Brooke are Glee’s choreographers, and we know from Alex Newell’s (Unique) Twitter that the Warblers were in dance rehearsal that day.

But just in case you need it made any clearer, Zach retweeted Grant’s second post, adding, “You were awesome today.#warblers

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It’s worth noting that we still don’t know yet how big of a role Grant will play in the Sectionals episode. The Warblers usually only have one frontman, and it seems pretty clear that Hunter has taken on that role this year. We’ve seen a photo of Nolan in the studio recording vocals for a Warblers song, but there’s no evidence so far of Grant doing any solo singing for the episode.

We’d love to see Grant get another solo, but honestly, we’re just excited to see him back on Glee at all. Plus, we’ve heard that Santana (Naya Rivera) is sticking around for Sectionals this year. What we wouldn’t give for a hit of snarky Sebtana pre-show trash talking!

UPDATE: TV Guide confirms the news of Grant's return, and adds that Sebastian will appear in not just one, but multiple episodes beginning this November.

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10.26.2012 / 07:30 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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