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Project Runway All Stars Season 2: Who Was Eliminated First? Who Won Premiere Team Challenge?

Spoilers ahead! Stop reading now if you don't want to know what happened on the October 25 premiere.

Project Runway: All Stars Season 2 may end up giving redemption to some past “villains” and designers taken less seriously, but will it be exciting to watch?

Even with all the drama kings and queens they cast — including Season 1 ultra-villain Wendy Pepper repeating that she wasn’t there to make friends — the premiere was surprisingly muted. Maybe it’s due to the rushed one-hour running time, when we’ve gotten used to the hour-and-a-half episodes giving more time for stress, drama and personal backstories.

The All-Stars premiere didn’t have time to fully re-introduce the 13 returning designers and show off their looks. However, the designs they created showed a lot of promise. The premiere also introduced a new host in lovely supermodel Carolyn Murphy, who — bless her heart — showed a little less promise on the personality front. (Heidi Klum is apparently impossible to follow!) But we'll give her some time to warm up.

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We were also introduced to a new attitude from Season 8 “bitch” Ivy Higa. Ivy, who was Gretchen’s second in command for most of her season, admitted she was an a*shole, but it had to do with her personal life and she’s here to focus on fashion. (Let’s see how long it lasts.) She ended up almost winning the first challenge, but instead the win went to Season 9 favorite Anthony Ryan Auld. Season 8’s Peach Carr was the first to be eliminated.

Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman returned as judges, with Rachel Roy and All-Star Season 1 winner Mondo Guerra around as guest judges. Thank heaven Joanna Coles also returned as mentor, so she can say more things like "The word that comes to mind is hooker" in her wonderful British accent. More of her, please.

Here are the teams that were created for the first challenge, which asked the designers to create mini collections based on the theme "attitude," as illustrated by specific descriptive terms. Wendy was the last one chosen in the little schoolyard pick, and Kayne was probably lucky that his team won or his dress would probably have been on the chopping block.

They went for black and white lace.

Althea Harper (Season 6)
Anthony Ryan Auld (Season 9)
Uli Herzner (Season 3)
Kayne Gillaspie (Season 3)
Ivy Higa (Season 8)
Wendy Pepper (Season 1)
Casanova (Season 8)

Highest scores: Anthony Ryan, Ivy, Casanova.

Winner: Anthony Ryan! Yes! He was robbed with a too early elimination on Season 9. Good for Casanova for starting strong, too. His strong accent turned him into something of a joke on his season, but maybe now his talent can shine alone.

Their designs were black and blue.

Laura Kathleen Planck (Season 9)
Joshua McKinley (Season 9)
Peach Carr (Season 8)
Andrae Gonzalo (Season 2)
Suede Baum (Season 5)
Emilio Sosa (Season 7)

Laura Kathleen’s garment had the highest score, and she was told if she had been on Team Confident she may have won. Laura is always just missing out on good things.

Lowest scores: Suede, Peach and Andrae.

Eliminated: Peach. The tennis wear designer may have been out of her depth. But now Suede gets to keep talking about himself in the third-person and Andrae can continue to be adorably wacky comic relief.

What did you think of the All Stars Season 2 premiere? Who are you rooting for to win?

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