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Jersey Shore

Roger Mathews Says JWOWW Always Over Exaggerates Her Injuries

Snooki’s little handicap scooter shopping trip with JWOWW was a tad premature because on Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 6: “A Virgin Summer,” the doctor informed Jenni that she didn’t have a broken foot after all and that she could return to standing on her own two feet right away.

Her fiancé Roger, for one, was not surprised by the updated prognosis. In fact, according to him, JWOWW’s positively notorious for exaggerating her boo boos.

Roger sarcastically tweeted to Ronnie, “Odd how I knew the ‘fracture’ was a sprain at worst. It's like I know her or live with her or something. Weird.” To be fair, he might be a little touchy about the subject considering it was his shove which caused her injury during a bar brawl, but he also insists this isn’t the first time JWOWW made a mountain out of a molehill.

He added, “Just last week we rushed to the ER for a splinter that she swore was a gun shot.
Good things the fans didn't see.”

Ronnie himself chipped in a little jab at JWOWW’s wolf crying, tweeting “I swear if she stubbs her toe ‘that's It summer over.’”

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