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Jersey Shore

Snooki and JWOWW Talk Wedding Plans, Who Wants a “S–t Show?” – Exclusive

BFFs Snooki and JWOWW might both be in the early stages of wedding planning, but their ideas of the perfect day could not be more different. Which we kind of love because, really, who needs to see the same old walk down the aisle over and over again?

Nicole and Jenni opened up to Wetpaint Entertainment about their pending nuptials – and the end of the Jersey Shore era – at the New York Television Festival’s “Love, Loss and Gym, Tan, Laundry: A Farewell to the Jersey Shore” event on Oct. 24.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How will your weddings differ?

Snooki: Oh my god, they’re going to be so different.

JWOWW: Yeah, Nicole wants a much more traditional wedding. Something in the fall in like—

Snooki: A Church. She wants hers in Vegas.

Do you really?

JWOWW: Yeah, I want a sh*t show in Vegas.

Are there any celebrity weddings that inspire you? Is there a couple that you think really did it right?

Snooki: I don’t know any celebrity that had a cool wedding. I can’t really think of one at all…

JWOWW: They’re too traditional for me. For me and Roger, you can do the act of getting married anywhere. But what’s important to us is what you do leading up to the wedding. We both come from very small towns and even though our families have traveled a lot, neither of them has ever been to Vegas. So I would love to take them all to Vegas and give them a wedding to remember. Complete insanity. Then, when it comes to the ceremony, do it a traditional way – but everything leading up to the wedding and after the wedding will be one of a kind.

Safe to say, you’ll both be standing up for each other?


Snooki: Of course!

Even though you two will still be working on your spinoff, you’re done filming with the rest of the Jersey Shore cast. What will you miss the most?

JWOWW: Everything. They’re our brothers and sisters. We’ve been through everything together, good times bad times.

Snooki: Jersey Shore has brought us where we are today. It was the beginning of everything. And we’re always going to remember it and share this experience forever.

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