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Jersey Shore

The Situation Buys Snooki a Stroller to Apologize for Cheating Rumors

Snooki has been holding a serious grudge against The Situation since Season 6 of Jersey Shore began, and it looks like not even a fancy gift will sway her opinion in The Sitch’s favor.

On this week’s episode, the newly-sober Sitch decides that he’s going to buy pregnant Snooki a jogging scooter as a gesture of goodwill and friendship. See, Nicole is still mad at The Situation for his antics during Season 4 and 5 where he told the cast (and the cameras) that Snooki had cheated on her boyfriend Jionni with him. Snooki denied Mike’s claims, which only motivated him more to torture the petite star. (Now, of course, we know that Mike was struggling with a drug addiction, so that could explain his erratic and sometimes irritating behavior.)

During the beginning of Season 6, The Situation apologized to the roommates as a group and most of them accepted his newly changed attitude. However, Snooki was mad that The Situation hadn’t approached her privately to apologize, so she refused to accept his group apology.

Snooki was surprised when she saw that Mike bought her a stroller, but she still admitted that she wanted a personal, one-on-one apology from him. “How do I say, thanks, but you’re a douche,” Snooki asked Ronnie about the gift.

Do you think Snooki should forgive The Situation already? Or does he need to put in more of an effort?

Jersey Shore airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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