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Jersey Shore

The Situation Starts to Doubt Relationship With Paula: “I’m Really Not Feeling It”

We guess that The Situation was right when he told us earlier this week that we’ll see drama play out between him and new girlfriend Paula Pickard on Jersey Shore Season 6.

On this week’s episode, we got to see Mike’s reaction to being an officially un-single man. Just a few hours after asking Paula to be his official girlfriend (via t-shirt) The Situation started to doubt how much he really wanted to be tied down to Paula. Immediately after he asked her to go out with him, Paula started to list out all of the super-serious relationship stuff she had in mind for them.

“We need to get you a home. A house first and then a puppy. Kids, marriage, relationship, puppy, house. I could see you changing diapers. I wanna get married in a church.”

The Situation was understandably freaked out. “I’m hearing things I’ve never seen before,” The Situation said. “I’m really not feeling it.”

However, Vinny thinks that the pair are made for each other. “They’re both space cadets, they both say the stupidest s**t ever.”

Sounds like love to us!

Jersey Shore airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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