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5 Reasons Why Teen Mom Chelsea Houska Is Too Good For Adam

The premiere of Teen Mom 2's third season is just weeks away, and we're already starting to get emotional about Chelsea Houska's on-again-off-again relationship with her baby daddy, Adam Lind.

All it takes is five minutes of watching Teen Mom 2 to realize that Chelsea is way out of Adam’s league! Let’s just say if he’s a 10 (and we’re being generous), Chelsea’s a 10,000.

Check out five reasons Chel-Chel is too good for her baby daddy!

1. She’s Always There for Aubree

We know Adam loves Aubree, but he seems perfectly willing to skip out on important milestones in her life whenever he feels like it.

When Adam breaks up with Chelsea, it usually feels like he’s breaking up with Aubree too, because he makes no effort to see her!

2. She Provides for Aubree

We don’t know the details of Chelsea and Adam’s child-support arrangement, but we get the impression that Chelsea and her family treat Aubree like the princess she is.

We’ve never seen Adam bring over diapers or clothes for his baby girl (at least not on camera) — and it seems obvious that Chelsea is #1 Mom and Adam’s #2 Dad.

3. She’s So Pretty!

Chelsea wants to be a beautician for good reason! She’s always creative with her style, her makeup looks glam, and don’t even get us started on that head of platinum hair.

We hate that Adam’s cruel words have made Chel-Chel doubt her looks, when she is clearly too hot to handle. Adam should be so lucky to have a gal like Chelsea on his arm!

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4. She’s Super Smart

Not to rain on Adam’s parade, but he doesn’t seem like the most communicative boyfriend. Maybe he’s a secret genius, but he never engages in conversations with Chelsea — and she has so much to say!

We hope Chelsea finds a guy who will encourage her to continue school, and chat about other things than Tears Of The Sun and chin-tees.

5. She’s Too Funny for Him

Chelsea is definitely the funniest Teen Mom. She has a hi-larious sense of humor, and she always manages to crack a joke or two — even when mascara-stained tears are dripping all over her cheeks.

Meanwhile, Adam never laughs at anything because he’s too busy pouting into his windbreaker. Chelsea needs to find herself a man who makes her laugh, and will laugh with her (not at her!).

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10.27.2012 / 04:30 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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