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Celebrity Halloween Party Roundup: Whose Party Would You Attend?

When you were young, the decision was simple: trick or treat. Did you want to spend your holiday scaring others around you or enjoying all the candy your parents would allow you to have? But now, things get a little more complicated. The decision is no longer what to do, but where to go.

Halloween parties can be some of the most memorable events of the year depending on who’s hosting. So while we’re stuck deciding which of our friends is most likely to throw a fun party, we like to pretend that our options are a little more … extravagant.

Say, for example, that we were famous. Then, what would our Halloween options be? Well, according to Gawker, we’d really only have four choices. And yet somehow, they all seem more exciting than that block party we were planning on attending.

Option One: Bette Midler's Hulaween
With Michael Kors sitting in as the judge of the costume contest and food that runs at $1,000 a plate, this party is for those with a sense of fashion and a hefty sum in their bank account. Think Al Gore or Martha Stewart.

Option Two: Heidi Klum's Halloween Party
Attending this party means two things: Be prepared to have your costume outdone by Heidi, and be prepared to have your general appearance be outdone by all of the Victoria’s Secret models.

Option Three: Kim Kardashian presents: Midori's Green Halloween Party
The only things we can promise these guests are that Kim will likely be in some sort of sexy costume, and there’s always the possibility that any number of Kardashians/Jenners will show up.

Option Four: Kristin Cavallari's Bing It On Halloween Costume Challenge at Spirit Halloween
From Michael Kors to Kristin Cavallari … Kristin will be the judge of this costume contest in which the winner “will receive his or her Halloween costume personally styled by Kristin and her stylist, Tamara Rappa.”

So what’s your choice this Halloween: trick or treat? Or rather: Bette, Heidi, Kim or Kristin?

Source: Gawker

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