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Pajanchos, Pajama Jeans, and Other Snuggie Spinoffs You’ll Want to Wear All the Time (But Probably Shouldn’t)

The Snuggie, a fleece blanket with sleeves, has of course become a huge craze. No, we’re not ashamed to say we own one — stop judging! (But we draw the line at buying one for our dogs.) The Snuggie has become so popular, in fact, that it now has competitors following in its warm and toasty footsteps. We’ve rounded up some of the Snuggie spawn — so you tell us, are they comfy must-haves or just silly concepts?

Forever Lazy
For the truly lazy, Forever Lazy (pictured above) has a front and back hatch so you can stay warm when nature calls. Stylish folks will appreciate that it comes in a variety of colors so you won’t mix up yours with your hubby’s, because, obviously, that would be the tragedy in all of this.

The Pajancho, a pajama-poncho hybrid, was created to go “from fiesta to siesta” for those of us who are too tired to get dressed but not too tired to skip the party.

Credit: Pajama Jeans    

Pajama Jeans
They’re not too different from soft jeggings, with the exception of the tremendous embarrassment one must feel admitting to owning Pajama Jeans. Imagine, you can go straight from bed to work! (But you probably shouldn’t.)

Although the Slanket has seniority over the Snuggie, chalk up Snug’s (yes, we’ve nicknamed it) success to better marketing. While the Slanket is a little more expensive, some say it’s also a higher quality product, which is a huge deal to those who care about craftsmanship when it comes to blankets with sleeves.

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10.27.2012 / 02:43 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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