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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoiler: What Can We Expect From David Morrissey’s Governor?

According to The Walking Dead actor David Morrissey, the Governor is “a good team person” who “can justify everything he does.”

Wait, what? That sounds like a far cry from the purely evil man in the comics who stands in stark opposition to the Ricktator (Andrew Lincoln).

David explains the softer portrayal to TV Guide, attributing it to the show’s timeline: “I think what happens in the comics is we get to meet the Governor later on in his genesis,” David says. “He's fully formed, really. He's arrived at this sadistic person. My Governor isn't like that. We see him much earlier on. He's dealing with the problems of leadership, which are trying to keep people fed, and safe, and comfort them, provide things for his people. [...] He's somebody who's ruthless and does terrible things, but he does them from a really important place.”

But when asked if we’ll eventually glimpse his character’s darker side, David sidesteps the question, instead teasing, “You’ll have to wait and see.”

In the meantime, we’ll get a taste of Woodbury, where “you can leave your door open, and the kids can go for a run outside.”

Andrea and Michonne will enter this world and meet the Governor on this Sunday’s (October 28) episode, and then Rick’s prison community will eventually clash with the seeming utopia. That faceoff will culminate in “a choice there that has to be made” namely, a choice between continuing to survive on their own as a group, or tying their fates to that of Woodbury and the Governor.

“It’s not a choice that the Governor gives them lightly,” says David.

Naturally, the running of Woodbury isn’t the Governor’s sole agenda. “His ulterior motives, I think, are things to be discovered by the audience as they go along.”

Source: TV Guide

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