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What’s Your Favorite TV Bromance? The Results Are In!

In August we asked you to name your favorite TV bromance. The eight dudes pictured here comprise your top four choices (in no particular order): Sam and Dean from Supernatural, Steve and Danno from Hawaii Five-0, Blake and Michael from The Glee Project, and Stiles and Derek from Teen Wolf.

The other contenders were ;Troy & Abed (Community), ;Dan & Nate (Gossip Girl), ;Derek & Mark (Grey’s Anatomy), ;House & Wilson (House), ;Vinny & Pauly D (Jersey Shore), ;Lucas & Caleb (Pretty Little Liars), ;Shawn & Gus (Psych), ;Ricky & Ben (The ;Secret Life of the American Teenager), ;Bill & Eric (True Blood), ;Damon & Aleric (The Vampire Diaries), and the ;whole cast of Entourage.

Click through for the preliminary results... ;

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