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Once Upon a Time

10 Burning Questions From Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 5: “The Doctor”

We love all of Once Upon a Time’s many, many mysteries, but sometimes it seems like each episode introduces more questions than it answers. To that end, we’ve tackled the ten biggest questions from this week’s season premiere in order to make sense of everything that happened. Here are ten questions from Season 2, Episode 5: “The Doctor.”

1. Is Whale also the Wizard of Oz?
We now know that Whale is Frankenstein, but there were plenty of none-to-subtle hints that he may also be the Wizard of Oz. Like, Whale is referred to as a “wizard” a bunch of times, and Jefferson even says, “Off we shall go to see him,” which sounds a lot like, “We’re off to see the wizard.”

Whale and the Wizard of Oz both use science instead of magic, and that scene with Whale pretending to fix Daniel behind the tent reminded us of the Wizard of Oz hiding behind his “curtain.” Plus, Whale’s search from a heart is reminiscent of the tinman’s similar quest. All we need to know now is where exactly Whale is hiding his hot-air balloon.

2. Whose heart did Whale use for his brother?
We’ve always known that Regina would stop at nothing to get what she wanted, but we didn’t realize she’d ever dabble in selling body parts. (“The black-market organ trade is a good field to pursue,” said no one’s career counselor ever.)

We suppose we may never find out whose heart Whale puts into his brother’s body, but we’re still curious to know if it’s anyone we’ve met before. We’re also curious if Whale’s brother now has bolts in his forehead, which is not a good look for anyone.

3. Will Whale ever perfect his experiments?
Now that Whale has admitted that he needs magic to get Rumple to glue his arm back on (or whatever happened there), we’re thinking that he might be able to use a blend of science and magic to really perfect his experiments. (Fear not, Graham we’re still hoping that you might find a way back onto this show after all!)

And speaking of the cooler that Whale was keeping his arm in, we’re just hoping that Whale washes it out really well before he ever puts drinks in it again.

4. What world are Whale and his brother from?
We aren’t exactly told what world Whale is from, but it appears to be a black-and-white Monster Movie Land, given the flashback to him reviving his brother. And if this is in fact a land of movie monsters, we wonder how soon we might get to see Dracula, which would be all kinds of awesome. (Come to think of it, Edward Cullen can’t be too far behind, right? We can dream...)

5. Why are Rumple and Jefferson helping each other?
We see that Jefferson helps get Frankenstein to go along with Rumple’s plan to trick Regina, and Jefferson also gives Rumple a crystal ball. But what exactly is in it for Jefferson? Is he just in it for the payment? Because we don’t want to seem materialistic or anything, but being able to take as much gold as you see fit is a pretty acceptable deal.

6. How will Rumple use the crystal ball?
We know that what Rumple really wanted were the ruby slippers, presumably to track down Bae. Instead, Jefferson brings him a crystal ball, which looks an awful lot like the one that Maleficent stored the Dark Curse in.

It also resembles the kind that the Wicked Witch of the West uses in Wizard of Oz. So how exactly will Rumple use it? Let’s just say that we’re frightened. (Translation: What a world, what a world.)

7. Is Captain Hook in fact leading the women into a trap? (That handsome bastard!)
Emma and Snow both suspect that Hook is leading them into a trap, and yet they decide to follow him anyway. Nice plan, ladies.

So just what does Hook have hidden up his (one) sleeve? We’re beginning to wonder if this magic compass even exists, or if there’s something else up that beanstalk that Hook wants. Or is Hook just planning to turn the compass over to Cora immediately and kill the ladies? Come to think of it, Hook is quite the lady-killer...

8. So why doesn’t Cora just snag the compass herself?
Now that we know Cora is capable of shapeshifting and everything, we’re wondering why she doesn’t just zoom up the beanstalk and get the compass on her own. Like, why doesn’t Cora do what Bugs Bunny would do, meaning she distracts the beanstalk’s giant by transforming herself into a sexy lady giant, complete with a pink bow, and then steals whatever the heck she wants.

That’s why we’re wondering if there really isn’t a compass there. Or maybe Cora just wants to keep herself out of harm’s way and is waiting to steal the compass from them just like how she tried to take the wardrobe. In other words, Emma may end up having to set the compass on fire, too. (When in doubt, just set everything on fire.)

9. Just how hard-up would a guy have to be to date Regina? Because we’re thinking very hard-up, given her exes’ luck...
It’s time to sign Regina up for OkCupid! Now that she has let Daniel go, as he encourages her to love again, we’re wondering how soon it will be until Regina in fact finds love, along with who she might start flirting with in Storybrooke.

Then again, we’re not sure that Storybrooke’s most eligible bachelors will exactly be lining up to sweep Regina off her feet, on account of what happened to Daniel and the Huntsman. Just say “no,” gentlemen.

10. Can we get to see David punch Whale in every episode? Please?
We’re not trying to condone violence or anything, but what can we say? That punch was pretty badass.

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