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Top 10 Revenge Quotes From Season 2, Episode 5, “Forgiveness”: “We Porters Are Descended From a Long Line of Gentlemen”

So much happened during this week's Revenge, including but not limited to Declan wandering around in a v-neck, and a slew of delectable quotes. Check out the biggest zingers from Season 2, Episode 5 "Forgiveness" and while you're at it try to forgive Kara for her floppy, middle-parted bangs.

10. Kara bonds with Victoria: "What a beautiful home. It's so smart to build it right on the ocean. You can always see your enemies coming."
Because most of Victoria's enemies arrive by armada.

9. Emily eyes Jack: "Uh, a shower wouldn’t kill you."
Watching Jack shower wouldn't kill us.

8. Mason makes his way into Victoria's chamber: "Every maid has her price, especially when grotesquely underpaid."
Considering that these ladies mop up blood for a living, they should probably make at least 60k.

7. Kara pricks her finger on a rose: "Oh, I’m such a dope. May I wash up?"
Hey Kara, the 1980s called –– they want their terminology back.

6. Kenny mocks Declan's ambitions: "That would make for one hell of a college admissions essay, 'how I rolled houses to have a brighter future.'"
Please, we all know Declan can't write. This joke doesn't even make sense!

5. Victoria hates on hunks: "All men are born hardwired to betray, it’s just a question of when."
Except for Nolan. #angel #bieber #perfecthuman

4. Nolan tells Emily who spilled the beans about Kara: "Jack, who's currently registering a six at the Freak-o-Meter. Me, I’m at a nine, which must put you at infinity times infinity."
In other words she's a superfreak. She's super freaky.

3. Declan teases Charlotte: "Oh yeah, we Porters are descended from a long line of gentlemen."
Cross out "gentle" add in "sea," and yeah. Pretty much.

2. Jack wanders into The Stowaway: "Oh Dec, what the hell man? It smells terrible in here!"
Whoever smelt it dealt it, Jack.

1. Nolan gives Padma the good news: "I just became an uncle! Well, one of those non-uncle uncles, like Kracker or Fester."
We appreciate any and all references to Uncle Kracker. Keep 'em coming.

Did we pick some of our favorites? Or are we missing a big one? Tell us below!

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