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What Is Grayson Global’s Connection to Nolcorp on Revenge?

Though we're typically more interested in the beach weather and major vengeance plots in the Hamptons, our focus is currently on two of the East Coast’s biggest companies preparing for battle on Revenge.

Nolan Ross’s tech empire, Nolcorp, received some startup money from David Clarke, who at the time was an employee of Grayson Global. And even though David used his own money, he’d signed an exclusivity clause, giving Grayson Global a “controlling interest” in Nolcorp — which could mark the end of Nolan's company as we know it.

We initially assumed Nolcorp's new CFO, Padma Lahari, was snooping for her own personal gain, but it appears she was actually trying to protect Nolan’s legacy. Unfortunately, her efforts seem to have only alerted Daniel Grayson and Aiden Mathis to the potentially profitable connection.

Aiden Mathis plans to use the Nolcorp link to secure a spot on the board of Grayson Global, while Daniel sees an opportunity to take over his father’s role.

Emily tried to warn Nolan, but he still has no idea that the two of the sexiest men in Em’s life are all too privy about this dangerous connection. Aiden’s already made it clear that Nolan’s not his main concern, but he’d better watch his back if he’s set to cross Emily’s man.

Will Grayson Global take over Nolcorp? Tell us what you think below!

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10.29.2012 / 11:21 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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