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5 Things We Learned From the Revenge Season 2, Episode 6: “Illusion” Promo: Wedding Day Woes

In last night’s episode of Revenge, we were shocked by Mason Treadwell’s discovery that Fauxmanda Clarke was really not the young girl he’d interviewed so many years ago. But that was almost forgotten when we saw the promo for next week’s episode, “Illusion.”

Who cares about mystery mothers when there’s a Grayson wedding to be planned? We’ve already seen two sets of spoiler photos and analyzed them all, but today we took some time to really dig deep and give some analysis of the promo.

Read on to see what we uncovered:

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1) Emily’s in “Revenge” Attire With a Gun
Though she spends most of the promo in a revealing, bold red dress, Ems does have one shot in which she’s cloaked in her “revenge” wear (aka a black hoodie and jeans). She’s opening a truck and pulling out a handgun. Yikes! Tyler and the White-Haired Man are dead, so who are those bullets meant for?

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2) The Feds Are Investigating
We’re pretty sure the FBI photographer and Detective Gunther weren’t on the guest list, but they’re definitely snooping around. This probably happens moments before Conrad’s very public arrest, which leads us to …

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3) Conrad’s Behind Bars
Connie’s carted away at his own party! From the looks of his reaction, he blames Victoria for the arrest, but she seems just as surprised. Could this be The Initiative’s doing? Or even Daniel’s?

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4) Daniel’s Reminiscing About His Past With Emily
Weddings are never a good time to see an ex, but it looks like Danny asks Ems to dance and who could say no to that face?

“Ever think about what it might have been like if we’d hung in there?” he asks her. But she thinks that line of questioning is “dangerous.” Just go make out in the coat room already!

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5) Kara’s a Painter
Sure, you may be focused on Kara telling Emily that the Graysons will get “what they deserve,” but we're more intent on pointing out Kara’s burgeoning art interest. It makes sense that this peasant shirt-wearing hippie would delve into painting. Maybe she hooked up with Vicki’s ex, artist Dominik Wright, just to spite her.

Did we miss anything? Tell us below!

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