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Castle Shot Him, But Could the Triple Killer Still Be Alive?

Castle's 3XK Returns!

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WARNING: For those of you who have not watched Castle Season 5, Episode 5, "Probable Cause," turn back now or be spoiled! To give you a little refresher, here's a rundown on The Triple Killer and his latest exploits.

We know the Triple Killer (played by Michael Mosley) is back with some serious revenge on the brain, but will he be able to pull off his grand plan? At first, it certainly doesn't seem so. Our hero Castle escapes certain death in central holding (which would've happened at the hands of 3XK's imprisoned peeps) and foils the murderer's plan to disappear for the second time — but did Castle succeed? By the end of the episode it remains unclear whether Castle has actually wiped Jerry Tyson (aka 3XK) out of existence, or if Tyson just played Castle like a game of chess. If you'll remember, Tyson's body was not found the next morning, so could the Triple Killer still be alive?

If we side with Castle, then the answer would be a big, fat yes. Castle thinks Tyson staged the whole thing so that the killer could finally disappear only to resurface and kill again. It definitely looked like Castle shot him, though we speculate a bulletproof vest might have been in play. We've got a little more evidence that the Triple Killer will be back to kill again. Earlier this year, Andrew Marlowe revealed that the 3XK storyline is "something that we might wait and make more of a meal of next year." And a "meal" is definitely not just a one-episode story arc, right, guys? November sweeps, here we come!

Castle fans, what do you think? Sound off with your theories below!

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10.30.2012 / 08:53 PM EDT by Chako Suzuki
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