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Jersey Shore

Get Skinny Like Snooki: Diet Tips and Plans From the Jersey Shore Girls

Every Jersey Shore girl has gone through a major slimdown at some point in the last few years. Wanna know their secrets? We've rounded up their diet tips and plans right here.

Snooki: Before she got pregnant, Snooki slimmed down to just 98 pounds (hey, she's a small girl). She discussed the specifics of her new diet and exercise plan with us here, suggesting yogurt for breakfast (she also likes egg whites), fruit for lunch, and a healthy meal of chicken, rice, and broccoli for dinner. Plus, lots of cardio, including fun classes like Zumba.

One of Snooki's biggest secrets was swapping hi-calorie cocktails for lo-cal seltzer-based drinks. She also got a little help from Zantrex-3 diet pills. Now that she's popped out her beautiful baby boy, Snooki says she is going to start back on her diet of eating grilled chicken, vegetables, and going back to boot camp.

JWOWW: JWOWW shared a specific three-day menu to give you an idea of what eating right in the world of Jenni is like. It should come as no surprise that her menu is packed full of lean proteins, fruits, and veggies. She also suggests cooking your own dinners to ensure that you eat right most nights.

Sammi: It's hard to remember way back to Season 2, but Sammi actually shed 15 pounds going into that season. She credited cutting back on carbs.

More generally, Sammi suggests people try to stick with healthy foods like egg whites and chicken. But she also reminds people that the most important thing is not what you eat, but how much you eat: "I think at the end of the day you can eat whatever you want as long as it's in a good portion." And don't forget to work out!

Deena Nicole: If you want something a little more regimented than "eat right and exercise," you can always take a leaf out of Deena Nicole's book and try the Fresh Diet — one of those pre-packaged meal plans — which seemed to work wonders for Deena.

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