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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Cast Tweets Live Hurricane Sandy Updates: “RIP Seaside”

As Hurricane Sandy approached the Jersey Shore on Monday (October 29), its eight most famous residents were busy tweeting about it. Snooki was focused on protecting baby Lorenzo LaValle, Deena Nicole reported live updates about her electricity, and a few castmates sent out their thoughts and prayers to their “second fam” in Seaside.

As of Monday afternoon, it looked like central New Jersey was going to be hit the hardest. Snooki tweeted, “RIP seaside,” after tweeting, “Lorenzo’s first storm! Holding him tight.” The Situation was also concerned about his old haunts, tweeting, “Seaside beach n boardwalk being destroyed by hurricane,” along with a photo of the boardwalk flooded by rain. He later tweeted, “Seaside is going to get hit pretty bad... everyone please be safe!”

Vinny had a sense of (dirty) humor about Seaside’s fate, tweeting, “#Sandy stop blowing the jersey shore you dirty bitch.” As for his bromantic partner in crime Pauly D, the DJ had yet to write anything about the hurricane. That might be because he’s far, far away from the mayhem, doing his thing in new hometown Las Vegas.

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Sammi tweeted, “The wind is howling loud through my windows.. Kinda scary way to be woken up!” from her new house in upstate New York, which she shares with Ronnie. Ronnie also put a humorous spin on the storm, tweeting, “Crazy all the craziest storms are named after#women.. like all women wet & wild when they come but take house & everythin when they leave!”

But we’re actually pretty worried about JWOWW and Deena. Around 1 p.m. ET, Deena tweeted, “lights just started flickering..ahg might not have power soon tweeties! love you all <3 stay safe!!” She also reported that a tree had fallen down on her house, loosening the gutters.

And poor JWOWW, who lives with her fiance Roger Mathews, well she’s in the eye of the storm. She tweeted, “Me and @RogerMathewsNJ town is directly in sandys path but I'm not worried I know my babe is taking care of things.”

Leave it to JWOWW to put a positive, optimistic spin on the whole thing. She also tweeted, “Jersey stay strong we got this