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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Storm Update: Did the Cast Survive Hurricane Sandy?

As Hurricane Sandy whipped her winds across the East Coast, we had to stop and wonder: How is the Jersey Shore cast holding up? Yesterday, they were tweeting their concern about the Jersey Shore flooding, while we worried about the fate of the Shore House. But how did the rough night treat them?

Snooki: Last evening Snooki and Jionni LaValle's power went out, and Snooki tweeted, "It's getting bad here in north jersey! I hope everyone is safe !!!!!" Jionni added that when the power went, "Nicole cried and Lorenzo didnt make a peep!!" That's one well-behaved baby!

JWOWW: JWOWW wasn't at home and, as she pointed out yesterday, where she lives with Roger Mathews is directly in the path of the storm. As of late last night Roger wasn't responding, and it had JWOWW worried. "Haven't been able to get a hold of @RogerMathewsNJ for 5 hrs now," she tweeted, following up with, "Wish I was home," and, "I have officially lost my mind."

This morning, she tweeted a dramatic picture of a flooded street, saying, "Just was shown a picture of my town... So sorry for everyone that was affected by sandy." Still no word on Roger. We hope all is well for him!

Deena: Deena Nicole lost power yesterday. We hope she gets it back soon!

Situation: The Situation is without internet as well.

Sammi and Ronnie: It sounds like Sammi and Ronnie are safe. They both took to twitter this morning to express their well wishes for everyone impacted by the storm.

Vinny: Vinny spent the night with his girlfriend, Melanie Iglesias, and his family. Despite some harsh wind they seemed to be okay; Vinny's last tweet is a pic of them playing board games.

Seaside and the House: As for the cast's second home, Seaside Heights, not all is well. Yesterday, 50 feet of Seaside's Funtown Pier collapsed, and flooding continues to be a worry in the area the wake of the storm.

There's no update on the Shore House's condition yet, though last night Pauly D did tweet, "Can't Believe #Sandy Ruined @snooki's PooOorchh !!!! Where Am I Gonna Kick It At Now ??" does he mean the porch from Snooki's shore house, or the one at Jionni's parents' house where she's staying now? Or is it just a joke? Either way, Ronnie managed a lighthearted quip in return, saying, "more like kickin it on #SandysPorch in this weather."

We hope everyone is safe!

Want to help victims of Sandy? Find out how.

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