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Jersey Shore

Are Snooki and Jionni Headed For a Breakup? 3 Reasons Why the Rumors Are False (UPDATE)

Despite all evidence to the contrary, a new report claims that Snooki and Jionni LaValle are fighting over who should take care of baby Lorenzo LaValle, and that they are only together for fame.

As avid fans and observers of Snooki’s tight family, we would argue that the report (from Star magazine, via RadarOnline) sounds dubious at best. According to a so-called source, “Snooki is desperate to stay famous.” The source continues, “She can’t stand to be around Jionni. She’s only going to go through with the wedding for a million-dollar payday.”

There are several reasons why we find this hard to believe.

1. Snooki is constantly tweeting photos of her happy family, including photos of herself with both Jionni and Lorenzo, nearly every day. Also on a daily basis, she writes loving and candid notes to her fiance, who does the same. She has never sounded or looked happier, and all of her Jersey Shore co-stars have confirmed that the couple is happy. JWOWW has even expressed jealousy (in a sweet way) over how perfect Snooki’s life is!

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2. Snooki isn’t the type to do anything “for a million-dollar payday.” We’re talking about a reality star who still goes discount-shopping and rarely ever wears clothing or accessories that cost a lot of money. She tends to wear bags from her own eponymous line, which is affordable. Plus, she made around $2 million for just under two months of filming Jersey Shore’s final season this year. Add to that all of her merchandising deals, appearance fees, and her salary for Snooki & JWOWW Seasons 1 and 2, and the meatball mama is certifiably bank.

3. Snooki doesn’t need to worry about staying in the spotlight. At least for the time being. She’s already filmed Season 2 of her own spin-off, set to debut in 2013, which will ensure she stays active on the small screen. Jionni is a notorious homebody, who has expressed disinterest in the fame that comes along with being Mr. Snooki.

Overall, we think there are far more reasons to distrust this latest report than there are to believe it. After all, Snooki just recently shot down rumors that her engagement was on shaky grounds, and those rumors appeared in the same magazine.

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UPDATE: On October 31, Snooki reacted to the Star magazine story on Twitter: "LOL star magazine & radar online are the biggest bullsh*tters ever. Worst tabloid outlets ever..GET YOUR SH*T CORRECT!"

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Source: Star magazine via RadarOnline

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