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Castle Spoiler: Kate Beckett’s a Huge Fan of [SPOILER!]

Now that Rick Castle's name and likeness has been cleared of all charges in the murder of Tessa Horton, it's time for our beloved primetime couple to continue making out getting to know each other.

Castle's resident enigma, Kate Beckett, has layers upon layers of complexities, but Rick is slowly peeling them back, one geeky secret at a time. Back in Season 4, he learned of Beckett's penchant for fictional female assassins (Elektra, anyone?), and who can forget about her love for TV's cheesiest soap opera, Temptation Lane?

Yep, Kate Beckett is a certified nerd — and it drives Rick Castle absolutely wild!

In Season 5, Episode 6: "The Final Frontier," we get yet another glimpse into the geektastic mind that is Detective Beckett. When a superfan of the hit sci-fi series Nebula 9 is found mysteriously murdered, Caskett take their investigation to a fan convention much like San Diego Comic-Con. According to TV Guide, not only does our girl engage in a few rounds of cosplay (costume play, for you non-nerds out there), but she also admits her love for the cult science fiction show.

Apparently, Kate was a huge fan of Nebula 9 back in her Stanford days, and she finds herself starstruck when the investigation brings them to the show's shiny set. Unfortunately, Castle doesn't find this guilty pleasure as swoon-worthy as the others.

"I like good sci-fi," he says, chiding Beckett. "Star Trek. Battlestar. That Joss Whedon show."

Give the girl a break, Castle! You're the one who still plays laser tag and scares away Alexis's boyfriends with fake severed heads.

What do you think of Beckett's fangirl secret? Adorkable or just plain old dorky? Tell us below!

Source: TV Guide

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