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Revenge Season 2: How Will Emily Thorne Be Affected If Mason Treadwell Takes Amanda Clarke’s Identity Public?

In today’s age of instant gratification and a steady news stream, it’s not out of the question to think that Mason Treadwell could be Emily Thorne’s biggest adversary on Revenge. The journalist-turned-blogger is always looking for a scoop, and if given the right piece of gossip, he could destroy Em’s entire plot.

On Sunday night, Mason discovered that Amanda Clarke wasn’t the real daughter of David Clarke, thanks to her lack of a tell-tale scar. The real Mandy earned her battle wound in a foster care fire, and though Fauxmanda tried to claim that she’d gotten it removed, M.T. wasn’t buying it.

So what if Mason takes his information public? It wouldn’t be the first time. His blog, The Treadwell Report, caused quite a stir during Daniel Grayson’s court case in Season 1.

But if he decides to share Mandy’s little secret, what will happen to Emily Thorne’s revengenda? Chances are the press, not to mention Victoria Grayson, will go looking for the real Amanda Clarke stat. That means no backless dresses or bathing suits for Ms. Thorne.

Jack Porter will also have a tough time with the big news. Sure, Amanda’s his baby mama, but she’s no longer his childhood sweetheart, and with all the lies that have built up between the two, we doubt he’ll be able to trust her again. That could send him back into Emily’s arms, but chances are, Amanda won’t be too thrilled about that turn of events.

This piece of news would put Victoria Grayson more on the hunt for David Clarke’s offspring than ever. And the link Emily once had to the Grayson home in the form of Charlotte, will be officially severed once she finds out that baby Carl David isn’t her nephew.

Do you think Mason will go public with his info? Weigh in below!

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10.31.2012 / 03:25 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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