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Secret Agent (Wo)man: 3 Ways Padma Lahari Could Be Evil on Revenge

OK Revengers, let's talk about Padma Lahari, because really? We're worried. This temptressy babe sashayed her way into Nolan Ross's heart (not to mention his company), but it's entirely possible that she's an evil murderer –– much like everyone else in the Hamptons.

Think about it: Nolan doesn't keep track of his employees, so it would have been easy-peasy for Padma to join the geek squad without suspicion. All she had to do was show up at Emily's house (so many questions about that, by the way), sweep Nols off his feet, and boom-a-boom-boom she was put in charge of the whole company.

But Padma really won Nolan over when she bonded with him on a man-motional level. The death of Nolan's dad cemented their romantic relationship and gave Pads access to an entire archive of Nolcorp information. Suspicious. In short, we think Padma's Dr. Evil, so check out our top 3 theories about what she's up to.

1. She's Working With Nolan's Dad
Does anyone else find it slightly strange that Nolan had no idea his father died? He simply went along with everything Padma told him, and then suffered through a tragic bout of man tears. Padma and Nolan's dad could be working together to bring down Nolcorp by faking his death and playing into Nolan's emotions. Plus, why does Padma keep drawing Nolan's attention to specific items in his dad's storage unit (read: stalker shrine). Our nerd radar is on red alert.

2. She's Working for The Initiative
We don't know much about The Initiative other than the fact that everyone there wears leather, hangs out in swamps, kills people at random, and may or may not be terrorists. But we do know that The Initiative are responsible for David's death-by-shiv, so it's no surprise that they'd place a mole in Nolan's company –– after all, half of Nolan's start up money was from Davey Clarkett himself.

3. She's Working for Kara Wallace Clarke
Kara Clarke is not messing around. Sure, she might seem like a blazed-up hippie who loves peasant tops and special "brownies," but girlfriend packs major heat. Kara's right-hand man is dead, but what if there are more players in her network? She has every reason to place Padma in Nolan's company –– after all, Kara was married to the man who made Nolcorp financially possible, and she might be looking for answers.

It's alllll coming together, Revengers. And when we say it's all coming together, we mean Padma is probably a deranged serial killer.

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10.31.2012 / 08:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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