6 iPhone Apps to Keep Your Little Monsters Safe this Halloween
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6 iPhone Apps to Keep Your Little Monsters Safe this Halloween

To them, it’s about wearing the silliest, scariest, or sweetest costume they can find and getting all the candy they can carry, but for you, Halloween means upping the safety and security for your family. Check the costume for pins, fight for sneakers instead of ballet flats, and lay down the rules of no sneaking candy before mom checks it. But what about the weather, which houses are safe, and what if they accidentally swallow a jawbreaker thinking, ”just one and she won’t notice?”

Inspired by Lil Sugar’s list of safety apps, we’ve compiled a list of the six apps we find most useful to help you get a handle on Halloween.

Track Your Tots
Instead of calling their chaperone every five minutes and worrying about where they are on a cold and drizzly night, follow your trick-or-treaters’ adventure every step of the way from home. The free Life360 App allows tracking of other phones in the secure family network so you can see what street they’re on and you’ll even be notified of any sex offenders in the area.

Light Up the Town
Most areas have streetlights, but it can get pretty spooky for the smaller ones on their way up a neighbor’s driveway in the dark. The free Flashlight app uses your phone’s camera flash or the main screen to put out a steady stream of white light. This comes in handy when lighting some tricky stairs or checking if the scarecrow on the porch is really alive.

Mommy to the Rescue
Sometimes the excitement of a full sack of candy is just too much for a youngster to resist, but hasty munching can lead to choking and we must be prepared. The Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association ($4) features 34 videos and 46 high-resolution illustrations for quick action in case of an emergency.

No Offense
Every now and again we hear of a new sex offender moving into our neighborhood, so of course we’ll steer clear of those houses this Halloween, but there may be a few more that you don’t even know about. We recommend the Offender Locator app ($1), which compiles data from all 50 states’ “Registered Offender Databases” so you can plot your route.

Ghoulies, Ghosties, and Long-Legged Beasties
Why should the kids have all the fun this Halloween? After all, it wouldn’t be much of a horrific holiday if we dropped our superstitions and talked only of candy and costumes. Have some fun with the Ghost Radar ($1) app either at home or between candy pit stops and introduce your little ones to the world of the paranormal.

Weather the Storm
We always seem to get hit with unpleasant weather around Halloween — snow, wind, rain, Hurricane Sandy. Stay up-to-the-minute on the weather tonight with The Weather Channel app. This free app provides everything from temperature to chances of precipitation to live radar so you can make the most of the trip around the neighborhood.

Source: Lil Sugar

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