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Glee Season 4 Speculation: Does [Spoiler] Play Danny in Grease — Instead of [Spoiler]?

Last year, the anticipation of who would land the starring roles of Tony and Maria in McKinley’s production of West Side Story had us all guessing. We picked favorites. We tried to anticipate the winners.

But for this year’s school musical? Not so much. Glee creator Ryan Murphy tweeted photos of both Danny and Sandy — in costume and everything — nearly a month ago. No suspense. No mystery. (At least, not if you follow Ryan on Twitter.)

We know from one of Glee’s behind the scenes videos that callbacks come down to a final two of Jake (Jacob Artist) vs. Ryder (Blake Jenner) for Danny and Kitty (Becca Tobin) vs. Marley (Melissa Benoist) for Sandy. Then, Ryan’s Twitter photos show Ryder in Danny’s black leather jacket and Marley in Sandy’s skin-tight black jumpsuit.

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That’s it, then. Ryder is Danny. Marley is Sandy. End of story... right? Not so fast. In a recent column, TV Line spoiler king Michael Ausiello wrote that though had the entire “cast list right in front of me,” he’d been “sworn to secrecy” and couldn’t reveal any names.

So we have to ask: If Ryan had already revealed the two biggest roles of the entire play — why would Glee feel the need to swear TV Line to secrecy? Is it possible that one (or both) of Ryan’s photos are red herrings? Perhaps he’s only trying to throw us off!

For Marley’s Sandy photo, it’s possible that both finalists got to try on the costume, but that Ryan only tweeted a photo of Marley in costume, not Kitty.

Ryder’s two photos clearly show him standing on top of the car during “Greased Lightning,” but as a few of you pointed out in the comments, it’s Danny’s pal Kenickie — not Danny himself — who sings “Greased Lightning” in the original musical version. If Glee is basing their performance off of the musical, not the film, Ryder might not be Danny after all.

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We’ve re-watched the original movie version of “Greased Lightning,” too, and there are a couple of times in the movie, too, where Kenickie is the one standing on top of the car, not Danny. So is Ryder actually playing Kenickie, instead?

Probably not. Danny spends the number in black pants and leather jacket, while Kenickie and the T-birds all wear gray jumpsuits. Jake is clearly wearing a T-bird jumpsuit in the photo, so Ryder just might end up being Danny, after all.

You’ve seen the photos — now we want to know what you think. Did Ryder and Marley land the leading roles, or do you think it’s possible that this is all one big misdirect?

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