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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Brandi Glanville To New Housewife Yolanda Foster: “You’ve Slept With Everyone!”

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Credit: US Weekly    

Fear not, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans! It may be a new season, but we’ll still be seeing the same sassy Brandi Glanville. (Translation: Foot, meet mouth.)

In the show’s Season 3 premiere, airing Monday, November 5, Lisa Vanderpump throws an anniversary party for Villa Blanca which everyone but Adrienne Maloof is invited to. At the party, we’ll meet new Housewife Yolanda H. Foster, whom Brandi has some surprising words for when they’re introduced for the first time.

“Your ex-husband is Mohamed,” Brandi says to Yolanda in a clip from the episode. “You know everyone, you've slept with everyone it's all good.” Yes, Brandi is just as adept at first impressions as she was last season!

Needless to say, Yolanda is completely taken aback by Brandi’s comment. “We were speechless,” Yolanda admits. “Well, you slept with every guy in this town interesting.”

Brandi took to Twitter today to defend her words, saying, "I NEVER called @YolandaHFoster a slut or said she slept with everyone & when the episode airs all the BS articles are gonna feel DUMB #stupid" and adding, "@Bravotv wait until you see the episode that isnt [sic] what was said at all! Half the convo was missing. Its [sic] all in the episode! @YolandaHFoster."

Also invited to the party is Kim Richards, and Brandi is understandably tentative about seeing her, given their frequent blow-ups last season. “I’m really nervous to see Kim at Villa Blanca because she still kind of blames me for all of her problems,” Brandi says.

So will Kim and Brandi have another screaming match and threaten to swing each other around by the hair again? We can’t wait for the premiere to get here already so we can find out!

Source: Us Weekly, Twitter