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Revenge Season 2: Do You Miss Emily Thorne’s Weekly Takedowns?

When it comes to the second season of Revenge, we have very few complaints. Come on, what other show has falling pregnant women and teenage jewelry mules who leave their I.D.’s at the crime scene?

But occasionally we reminisce about the good ol' days circa Season 1, when Emily Thorne and her red Sharpie ruled the Hamptons. She was X’ing off socialites left and right, and constantly throwing on that mysterious black hoodie that totally cloaked her identity.

However, once Daniel was arrested for murdering Tyler, Em’s Sharpie went back into the Infinity Box and her hoodie was only used on wintery jogs down the beach. As the revengenda got more complex, weekly takedowns became a thing of the past and the plot focused more on Emily’s history.

This season it’s all about Em’s long-lost mother, Kara Wallace Clarke. The slightly deranged hippie looks like she took one too many hits from the peace pipe, but her storyline still brings us in.

But does the introduction of this character mean the sacrifice of the red Sharpie? Show creator Mike Kelley spoke with TVLine before the season began to talk about this season’s structure.

“The Takedown of the Week is benched until we need it,” he said. “Emily is firmly focused on finding her mother, and there will be takedowns along the way… [Emily]’s going to be working on behalf of some other people that can’t ‘revenge’ for themselves.”

So potentially not as satisfying as watching Ems draw a giant X across someone’s face, but never fear, there will still be plenty of revenging going on.

Are you pleased with this season’s structure? Or do you want the takedowns to come back? Weigh in below!

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11.1.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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