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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Halloween Recipe: Mystic Falls’ Blood Punch

We can’t tell you if this recipe is approved by Dr. Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) for medical use, but it is a fanging good time!

If you’re a vampire like newbie Elena (Nina Dobrev), then blood tastes about as yummy as punch. But if you don’t count yourself among the undead and are still looking for the bloody experience, we’ve got something to do the trick.

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween tonight — with the rest of the country — or tomorrow, with your supernatural friends on Vampire Diaries, this recipe for Blood Punch should get the heart pumping. (And, really, that’s better to feed off of, right?)

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Blood Punch Recipe

16 oz Cranberry Juice or Punch
16 oz Pomegranate Juice
16 oz Apple Juice
16 oz Cherry Juice
64 oz Ginger ale

Miz juices together in a large bowl or pitchers and refrigerate covered until use. Add ice until desired temperature is reached. Enjoy!

Optional Spooky Ice Cubes:
Several Ice trays
Small bag of gummy worms
Small box of chocolate raisins

For a fun garnish to your blood punch, cut gummy works in half, or place a raisin in an ice cube tray, add water and freeze. When you pop them out they’ll look like creepy eyeballs. Eyeballs in blood... yummy!

Optional Grown Up Version:
Berry vodka, optional
Orange liqueur, optional

If you’re an over 21 vamp and need an extra kick, 4 cups of vodka (flavored) and a ½ cup of orange liqueur make for a bloody good time!

Ladle the fresh mixture into goblets and, who knows, maybe the scent will draw in some tasty vampires too!

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11.1.2012 / 03:06 AM EDT by Erin La Rosa
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