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The Bachelorette

What Is the Secret to Jef Holm’s Hair?

Jef Holm is famous for his relationship with Bachelorette Emily Maynard (and the fact that he "feels a mix of a million emotions") but let's talk about what's important. Jef's hair! This prince charming rocks a seriously sexy hair coif, which seems to defy gravity.

"You all want to know my secret, and I don’t know if the world can know my secret," Jef tells L+C. "But… I am going to do it. I very rarely wash my hair. Very, very rarely. Like sometimes once a month, or use shampoo or conditioner."

Er, interesting. Jef might have filthy sexy locks of love, but he's every bit a gentleman — all thanks to his killer personality.

"I think the choices that you make that define a gentleman are how you treat everybody, how spread love around the world, and how you try and help as many people as you can," he explains as we swoon. "That’s being a gentleman... Like I have said a million times, be nice to everybody (it does not matter what they are doing), open doors for people, shake hands with everybody, remember names, let’s see what else – I have a whole bunch of guidelines: you can never be over-dressed or over educated. It’s all about how you act."

Seriously, could he be more perfect? How could Emily Maynard let this one get away?! Dude just wanted to shake her hand and remember her name.

Source: L+C

11.1.2012 / 10:44 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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